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There is nothing worse than forgetting to renew your vehicle registration before the end of the month. This could put you at risk for getting a hefty fine for driving with expired tags. Even if you send in your form immediately, it could take days for your tags to arrive in the mail. At Ray Bowser Notary Service & Vehicle Registration, I can help you renew your registration and get your tags instantly right at my office.

As an authorized PennDOT agent, my office can provide you with the official vehicle registration that you require. There is no need to make an appointment, just stop by my Blairsville, PA office. You will need your renewal form, your current mileage, and your insurance information. With just a few quick steps, I can complete your vehicle registration renewal and make sure that you remain legal on the road.

In addition to renewal services, I can help you get your new vehicle registration for any new or used vehicle that you are purchasing. I handle both in-state and out of state title transfers and issue temporary plates. This allows you to get all the services you need to transfer a vehicle from one party to the other at one convenient location. As a state-authorized notary service, I can also officially notarize any type of legal documents, insurance documents, or personal documents.

I provide the professional, friendly, and efficient services you need. Phone me today at Ray Bowser Notary Service & Vehicle Registration to find out how you can get your instant vehicle registration in Blairsville, PA.

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